07 September 2006

Bye, Willy

Bummer. They've evicted the most cunning player in the Big Brother House. I was prepared to see him win it the second time around. Was not prepared to see the master manipulator leave the house. On the flipside, girl power ruled the house this week. Kudos to the chicks for coming around and realizing they should not be played by the guys, served the boys right. Still, I do not like the two remaining women there (strong, strong dislike!). At this point, I couldn't care less who wins. I will just have to read about it on the net. On the whole, this was a terrible season. I think it's time CBS retires the franchise.

Anyhow, now I know who Will reminds me of....Reggie Mantle of The Archie's:

Big Brother All Stars USA Season 7
Will's Eviction
Original Air Date: Sept 3, 2006
Network: CBS