11 September 2006

And still, more singing....

Those Fall premiere shows better get online soon, because I am turning delusional and might eventually convince myself to launch a singing career.... I can't stop watching all the singing contests! I find myself visiting many music forum a lot more because of all the singing. I'm trying to learn who and what's hip with music nowadays, it's like finding the old me.

Several years ago, my friends and I would often get together and spend lazy Saturday afternoons playing "Name That Tune", and I'd usually do very well on that one. I could easily guess the songs and could even supply who sang it. Coz I was a "musical person." Fast forward 20 years later, and I don't even have a clue whose singing the songs I hear in the radio these days, unless it's an 80's music (or something really old, songs my grandma loves). So, all these singing contests and my browsing in music forums is like waking up that dead musical girl inside me.

Anyhow, the other night I let you in (you, as in the readers, all 2 of you, and that includes me! Hee!) on a preview of Jai Rodriguez in Celebrity Duets. Last night, I was laughing my ass off, watching bad audition's from Simon Cowell's The X Factor UK (will try to feature that sometime, but here is one I found on Youtube, it's sooo funny! and another one, haha it's stupid!) and I watched this after I watched the results show of Philippine Idol (not quite happy with that one). And today, while waiting for Australian Idol d/ls...I chanced upon this video on Youtube and it so.blew.me.away!

Bobby Flynn

If you've been following this blog, I earlier made an entry about who my favorites are in this year's Oz Idol competition and he's one of those. He almost received a "Touchdown!" from Idol Judge Mark. Can't wait to get the whole episode of this one. It supposedly was the best show since the first time Oz Idol went on air in 2003. Impressively amazing talents this year, it's hard to choose which ones should remain.

Anyhow, back to Philippine Idol, I think I've drained myself too much from rationalizing why two of those who went through last night made the cut. Do Pinoys want to their first Philippine Idol to be someone who won because s/he had a lot of friends who voted for him/her? Or do we want our first Pinoy Idol to be someone who who won because s/he can actually sing? Yes, we are musically inclined, us Pinoys... and we're very proud of it. We also make stupid votes.

I wasted my 25.00 pesos (cheap ako!) voting for two that deserved it but was not included in the Top 4. Will Ryan A announce that on National TV?