18 September 2006


Finally caught up with this show, E-ring. Sometime ago, this was supposed to be on my TO WATCH list but I could not get around to watching it. Now that the show is cancelled after one season, and our local cable channel Crime/Suspense has began airing it....plus the fact that the other week, the episode had a Philippine connection to it, my curiousity is triggered and I decided to finally check it out.

Jury's still out on whether or not I like this one or I just wasted my time.

One thing though... I never realized that all that "paperwork drama", could actually leave my heart racing. I was literally holding my breath.... eagerly awaiting if the Pentagon finally decides to do an extraction operation of an undercover agent in China, so that she is safely sent back to America, with a top secret microchip (Pilot Episode). And apparently, as this show tells me, the extraction has to be approved by a lot of signatories (hence the "paperwork") before they actually begin it. Imagine how much time would've been lost, if this was Jack Bauer's mission!

Anyway, I still have to finish an entire season to fully judge whether or not the cancellation of this show was an injustice (if it's really any good) or a good call (if it was bad).

Level of intensity: Like 24, 4 seasons back, it's chest-pounding.
Level of acting: Dennis Hopper and Benjamin Bratt? Expectedly, they're good. However, I'm still not sure if their talents have been underutilized for this show
Level of absurdity: With all that military jargons they throw around, I cannot tell. Haha.
Level of boringness: Boring??? I got tensed watching top military officials deliberate. I got tensed watching them sign documents. I got tensed because the Chinese satellite would have picked up American military presense on Chinese shores in 3 minutes...
Level of cheesiness: Ooohh, quite high. But for some reason, or maybe I still need to warm up to this show, cheesiness worked for E-ring.

And this is a sample of a cheesy dialogue, felt like a 10 year old wrote it:

JT: We got a "nunya" in the works
Another officer: What's a nunya?
JT: None ya damn business!


E-ring is on Crime/Suspense channel (Sky Cable), Tuesdays at 10 PM.

Original Airing: September 21, 2005
Last Aired: February 1, 2006
Network: NBC