01 April 2006

Final Thoughts on PBB CE

After two months inside the Big Brother House, celebrity housemates end their stay inside the house tonight. A grand celebration is to take place in Manila later. Unfortunately, PBBCE ends with little bang and hoopla, compared to when this show started less than six months ago with the first season. It just wasn't that interesting, at least from where I sit. And yet I still watch it on TV .... but I've stopped watching my live feeds, even as I am subscribed till the season ends

Comparing this edition vs. the first one, here is what I have observed:

PBB 1: brought out the best in ordinary people
PBB Celeb: brought out the worst in celebrities

PBB 1: They had more to gain
PBB Celeb: They had a lot to lose because of a change in perception of image

PBB 1: They didn't know the concept of this whole thing, but ended up learning plenty from it.
PBB Celeb: They had various concepts of this whole thing and ended up challenging what they have learned.

Anyway, I think this is how they will rank tonight

4 - Bianca
3 - Zanjoe
2 - John
1 - Keanna

My Top Three Moments inside the PBB CE House:

TOP 1 - Rustom's Outing -

I am gay. Gusto kong malaman ng lahat na hindi ako masamang tao.
Whether this was his plan from the very beginning (to use the show as his stage to out himself), it cannot be denied that this made Pinoy TV history. The timing was just perfect. Nothing will top that in a long while.

TOP 2 - Last night's final episode, the final tests. After all attempts to defeat the ninjas and to whether the harsh conditions in the house, it was Kuya's last words to the housemates that made it all clear and the impact more meaningful than ever. Those were very beautiful words he said to Big 4.

To Keanna he said:

Alam ko na ikaw ay isang huwaran pero siguro'y kelangan mo na ring buksan ang puso na manalig at magtiwala.
As an escort girl, Keanna has had many traumatic experiences in the past. She has been lied to and violated many times. These experiences made her stronger, true...but it also made her less trusting of people, and Big Brother was teaching her to trust again.

To John he said:

John, di habang buhay ay may mga nakakatandang gagabay sa iyo, may mga pagkakataon na ikaw lang ang magdedesiyunan, walang pagtatanungan kung ano ang paniniwalaan mo.
John, the former child star and admittedly a mama's boy, has had someone taking care of him all his life. But the experiences he had in the house ought to teach him to be able to decide for himself and take responsibility for his future.

To Bianca and Zanjoe he said:

Zanjo may bago kang buhay na haharapin paglabas mo, sana kahit papaano ay tumibay ka sa pamamahay ko. You’ve always been quiet at nirerespeto ko yun. It’s a totally different world marami kang haharapin at kelangang harapin….. tibayan mo ang loob mo at manalig ka na mga taong tutulong sayo. People will question your friendship and you should be prepared for that. May mga masasaktan and in the end, what’s important is what’s right for you, Bianca
Because this two have forged a relationship that is questionable in the eyes of other people (Bianca has a boyfriend), once they get out, it is expected that the press will be hounding them to get the scoop. And it could get ugly, for sure. Big Brother sort of prepared them for what they should experience once they get out of the house.

TOP 3 - Keanna's outburst - When she said "KFC ka kasi!" to Mich, when she meant KSP (Kulang sa Pansin). The Keanna had a major outburts; it was tough to be fighting with her at that time, but when she said KFC instead of KSP, that broke the tension. Spontaneously funny!


The next Big Brother installment comes sometime April (?) and this time it's Teens who shall occupy the house for the summer. I think I will have to pass the live feeds for this, and if I don't catch the episodes on TV, I will not lose sleep over it. Teen angst --- I can't relate to this anymore. So I'll leave it to the 16, 17, 18 & 19 years old to analyze and draw their own lessons and conclusions.

Till the next real edition!