09 April 2006

Heist - Gone in 3 Episodes (No actually, 6)

Just when I was starting to like this small-time TV version (read: somewhat contrived, pilit, corny and you won't be wow-ed when you sit watching it for the first time) of Ocean's Eleven, I read over the weekend that Heist is already cancelled. This, after three airings. The show's creator, Mark Cullen (the other half being his brother, Bob), has confirmed the cancellation on this site. They are supposed to actually air 3 more before they're given the final shove. So, Heist becomes one of the casualties of new shows that premiered mid-season 2006. In fact, I think it's the only casualty... so far (ya never know!).

Anyway, I was supposed to watch this show sometime after all the episodes have aired (supposedly in June, I think) so I could watch them in one sitting. But because of this news, curiousity got the better of me, and I decided to check the first three episodes out. I'm curious to find out how bad this show was, for the network to call its cancellation this early.

But I later found out it wasn't so bad. It wasn't great either. But there are worst shows out there that still air season after season, no matter how much badly you want it gone on TV.

I thought that Heist had a fighting chance. But then again, my thoughts don't matter, it's not gonna help bring the show back.

There are indications that it would not last. But there are no indications it would be this short-lived.

As I've said earlier, the premise is a lot like Ocean's Eleven. Except that the lead actor (the leader of the team) doesn't have the charisma of George Clooney. And the second in command isn't as gorgeous as Brad Pitt. Also, the show doesn't have a lot of grit to it, it's really like a poor man's version of Ocean's 11 (if there was ever any!).

It also didn't help that it was up against Lost or that another TV show with the same theme (Thief on FX - currently queued for my viewing pleasure later) divided the choice it offered viewers.

Heist does, however, have a potentially good script. A few little tweaks here and there and they should have had enough to go by, something that what I thought could go a full season (but obviously it didn't).

Here is a scene from the first episode. Their first "heist" as a team.

Backstory: They needed funding for a bigger heist (they intend to rob Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills, of all its jewels). To do that, they had to go small time first and rob banks for cash. But while they were planning it, an Amerinian mob hit their bank of choice first and intended to hit other banks as well. So, the team planned to foil that, screw the mob and then screw the police in the process --- winner take all, so to speak.

Synopsis from TV.Com

Professional thief, Mickey O’Neil decides to create an expert team of career criminals to attempt one of the biggest heists in history. Their goal is to rob three of the most renowned jewelry stores on Beverly Hills’ famed Rodeo Drive during Academy Awards week, at the same time.

In the meantime, Amy Sykes, who is the lead detective for LAPD’s Robbery/Homicide division, leads the task force that has to investigate a series of thefts pulled off by this new crew. Under incredible pressure from her superiors, she has to figure out not only who is behind the crimes but also what their motives are and what big job this could all be leading up to.

Unfortunately, for Sykes and her bosses, she ends up falling for mastermind O'Neil.

Season 1
Original Airing: March 22, 2006 (for cancellation after 6 episodes)
Network: NBC