12 April 2006

American Idol Top 8 Thoughts

This week, they featured the music of Queen. I have no score card, yet again. I could not multi-task today. My time was spent listening to the TV and looking at something else. But I did get to glance at them once in a while. Although, I shouldn't have glanced while Kellie sang. Creepers! I was already not liking the way she sang, she was too...gnarly? When I got a good look at her, whoa....freaked me out. Anyhow, in fairness to her she wasn't as bad as I would've expected. I've heard chicks singing Bohemian Rhapsody and maybe if she didn't gnarl or grrrr so much, I would like her rendition. And you can tell from tonight's performance, she is such a go-getter and is very determined to win this one.

In tonight's performance, I actually enjoyed Taylor's the best. Never mind if the song he sang had several versions including something by Alvin and The Chipmunks (maybe that's why I enjoyed it... I love them!), I enjoyed watching him move on stage. Never mind too if he failed to kick the mic stand on first try, that was part of his charm to me.

Elliot had the best vocals, no doubt about it. But I wasn't touched by his delivery. The song he chose, Somebody To Love, should be a song about longing and pain and while Elliot did well vocally, there was no heart to his number.

Chris was a disappointment. Because this would've been his time to shine the way rockstars should. I did not enjoy what I saw on TV.

As for the rest. I would mention them if I remembered what they've performed. But like I said, I was only glancing at the TV and the other three, Katharine, Paris and most especially, Bucky, didn't leave an impact.

Queen week again was awful.

The idols must really be getting physically tired from all these.