30 March 2006

Adaptations (Mars goes to US)

I recently took interest and blogged about the show Life On Mars here. The current BBC series is already in its 3rd season, and I believe it's doing quite well... which is why, adapting the idea for an audience overseas isn't farfetched. In fact, TV Guide reports that:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Boston Legal creator David E. Kelley is going to try to bring us a new one. With a tentative premiere set for fall 2007, he's working with ABC on a series adaptation of BBC's sci-fi crime drama Life on Mars, about a 21st-century gumshoe who wakes up in the 1970s after a car crash.

Quick Trivia:

Two UK to USA adaptations in the last two years: The Office and Coupling.

The Office UK ended it's series sometimes three years ago; and the US version, while not exactly a hit maker for NBC, has earned a very big cult following. It is standing on its own, with stories developed for a much better understanding from its audience (some adapted from the UK series, but mostly original storylines).

Coupling USA on the other hand went off air just after six episodes, leaving 3 unaired ones. It was bad, a poor copy and, well, deserved to be off TV. The UK version also abruptly died after four seasons. The departure of it's funniest character, Jeff (played by Richard Coyle), killed the show.

Life on Mars
The Office
- UK versions airs/has aired on BBC

The Office
- USA versions airs/has aired on NBC