13 April 2006

Big Brother USA All Stars

One of the shows I look forward to in July - BB USA. This year, they are doing the first ever ALL STARS Big Brother, of any other franchise. That means, housemates from past seasons get to come back inside the house and compete for $500,000. For Big Brother USA All Stars, the audience gets to vote for which former housemate from season's 1 to 6 gets to comeback. However, only 20 Housemates supposedly signed up for this. Of the 20, only 12 or 14 get to go back inside the house, based on votes. The list should be out in a couple of weeks.

If I get to vote, I would like to put back....let's see...I've forgotten the other HMs but I will give this a try:

Danielle - Season 3 - conniving mother bitch who did it all under the table, no one actually saw it until the final days
Josh - Season 3 - messed up the votation and veto process. I like that he got away a lot. If cats had nine lives, then Josh is a Tom Cat.
Marcellas - Season 3 - because someone opinionated can cause a lot of friction.
Allison - Season 4 - because she's also a conniving bitch. Can you tell where my list is going? Also, because she might strip again and for my sake, maybe my husband will let me keep the episodes that pile up on the PC as long as I have something to offer. The boobies are the incentives. Wehehe!
Will - Season 5 - because him + Marcellas = probable friction!
Jase & Holly - Season 5 - because they both got personalities very interesting for TV. One's dumb, the other's a dumb blonde. And together they are dumb and dumber.
Kaysar - Season 6 - someone smart has got to be on the cast.

BB USA All Stars airs July 9, 2006.

I hope the wait is worth it.


Edit: On another Big Brother note, BB UK Celebrity edition just ended a couple of weeks ago. Who won? A Non-Celebrity! Well, she passed the test... and passed it very well!

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Big Brother USA
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