06 April 2006

No Score Card - American Idol Top 9 Thoughts Only

Hookey... I've purposely tried to omit putting my score card up for AI Country week. I had one but the scores rounded up average, I didn't feel like putting it up. Felt like a teacher putting grades for students who didn't do too well, I was disappointed at them. For the record, most of them got 7s in my book this week. And I was being considerate at that.

I do not like country (is James Taylor country? Because I love him...He is? Okay then, so I love a little country!) But the whole country, cowboy, horsies, boots and stuff isn't my....uh, "element". I just don't like it. I cannot even be convinced to watch movies like Wyatt Earp nor Tombstone nor Brokeback Mountain, nor HBOs' Deadwood, no matter how much someone convinces me.

Hence, I didn't like last night's American Idol show. In fact, I felt like skipping a top 9 blog for this week. But here it is, and here I am.

Paris was going for Blues-y not country, and she failed... really bad. Bucky and Kellie were probably good, but I wouldn't know, I am not on their love train, err, wagon (to go with the country theme, I'm gonna say -- wagon). Katharine was in heat, she's oozing sex, I hate it. Ace is just average, except that he looks so good on stage. (You know what would be good though, if Katharine gets all naked on stage, and Ace stands there just staring at her. They do that for the whole hour the show is on and whoever folds first wins American Idol --- Idoooool!)

But I did, however, like Taylor. Bloody Simon could not appreciate it when to me (am trying to sound like Simon when I say that mwehe), that was a joyful number! My boy Elliot had the best vocals, as usual. But he wasn't in his "element." So out was he on this "element" everyone's been saying, that he again looked terrified on stage. Chris was enthralling. He could sing crap and well, I would sit up and listen if he delivered it the way he did last night. I was mesmerized by his rendition.

And finally, country was the end for a strong contender like Mandisa. It just wasn't right for her, so it was time to go. Yup, La Toya London Part Deux or Trois or Quatre (coz it seems there was always someone going La Toya's way every season after her!)... Okay that blouse Mandisa wore last night didn't do anything for her either. Didn't they say if you're big, don't wear vertical stripes? And they hire stylists for this show?

Anyway...so much for my intent to skip this week's American Idol blog. I had to much to say for something I wasn't so thrilled about!


American Idol
Season 5 - Country Week
Original Airing: April 5, 2006
Network: Fox