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23 December 2010

Damien Lewis as the new Jack Bauer? I have no problem with that!

British actor Damien Lewis, who last starred in the cop series Life and played a huge part in the Emmy-Award winning mini-series Band of Brothers, is set to star in an upcoming Showtime series classified as a "domestic terrorism drama."

Homeland, which also features Laura Fraser, David Harewood, Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes in the cast, is a story about a Marine soldier (Damien Lewis) who comes home after being a war prisoner in Iraq and is doubted by his superiors for colluding with terrorists.

The series, people say, is seen as a replacement for 24, which bowed out on television early this year. Homeland is actually written by former 24 scribes Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon.

I have no doubts Lewis is going to be amazing in this one. He was pretty convincing and capable in both his former television shows. Homeland's cast looks like a winner to me, too. Plus, with an intriguing premise which will be aired on  no-holds-barred cable TV? I am actually reeling with anticipation. I hope it comes on sooner!

What can you say about this upcoming show?

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