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16 July 2010

If I had to 'status update' what I've been watching....

Couldn't come up with longer posts for these things I wanna say about some of the series I've been watching, so am gonna do this "status update" style ---
  • I forgot to tell you about this the other week: Nikki Blonsky is awesome in Huge
  • One reason to watch Rizzoli & Isles? Is to find out what chic & trendy outfit Isles' going to wear!
  • Childrens' Hospital is sick, sick, sick!
  • I have yet to find The Choir so I can actually watch it. I've been looking for a week! :( (Okay, technically, this is a series I've NOT been watching!)
  • Finally finished Castle. They're really going there --- this dance, this courtship between characters obviously meant to be together. This will take what? Five seasons? Before they finally hook up?

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