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18 July 2010

Feed Test

This is a test post.

I've changed my feed's settings to prevent that site that has been stealing my content, from.... well, stealing my content. (Yep, they're still at it! And they've been so clever fooling search engines....but not clever enough!)

I did a few changes. Will know in a few days how this will work. *crosses fingers*

Edited to add: 

Yep it's working the way I want it to work! Hooray for Feedburner! I've beaten the parasite!!!


  1. Dinadalaw ko pa rin yung site. Nung nahuli, tumigil diba? And then biglang namimili kung ano ipopost sa blog niya. Pero feeds ko pa rin.

    Ginawa ko ngayon, pinalitan ko feed link. So most likely wala na siyang mabunot. Pag meron pa rin....eh putol na ang feeds ko, hindi na buo tapos may redirection na sa site ko.

    I win! :P