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13 January 2009

How I Met Your Mother: Benefits

So how about this week's How I Met Your Mother, huh?

The only word I can think of to describe it? PERFECT. The writing was perfect. The execution of the story was perfect. All five characters delivered perfectly, especially Barney (who has finally revealed to Ted he was in love with Robin...well, sort of).

How could this guy not win an acting award for playing Barney yet??!


  1. i know! barney should have win an award. i love start world. they are currently airing s1. love to see them everyday.

  2. Minds! :) Gosh, I have a lot of catching up to do!!!

  3. Mina - what time on Star World?

    Didi - real life setting you back? Di bale when you're not busy with all your preparations, you and the hubby can marathon like crazy afterwards. :)

  4. i caught it last tuesday morning after friends, at around 8. i thought it will be shown everyday but when it wasn't on this morning. :(