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13 January 2009

Canada's Being Erica

Found another gem of a series straight from Canada in Being Erica, a comedy that stars Erin Karpluk. I don't know her but I'm loving her and I am loving the premise of this show! It's a bit like the TV version of Back To The Future.

Erica Strange is a 32 year old woman who feels her life is a big disappointment. In the pilot, she mysteriously meets a therapist who inexplicably lets her travel back in time, re-living those moments when she thought she made bad decisions, shaping who she is right now. Her very first time travel sends her back to a school dance, 16 years ago.

But these time travels doesn't necessarily have to be a do-over for Erica. Sometimes, it may only be so that she realizes something about her past to make her present work.

"I love the idea of going back into a 16-year-old body with the knowledge of an adult -- it's so exciting," Karpluk said. "But just when you think she has it all figured out, she's going down the rabbit hole again."

"Being Erica is something I think everybody can identify with, which is, what would you do if you could do certain things in life over again? I think a lot of people would like to go back in time right now and buy some different stocks." Kirstine Layfield, the CBC's executive director of network programming.


Here's a trailer ---

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