03 November 2011


This series is going to get into hot water, that's fer syer. Based on the title alone. Because it has the word "Christian" on it. And because the show doesn't really present itself with "good" Christians. Its characters consist of mean girls, horny bitches and hypocrites. And in the land of TV, people like that equate to fun and interesting stories.

Adapted from a controversial book (Good Christian Bitches), Good Christian Belles is set to come in mid-season and is rumored to be replacing Pan Am, which has been performing poorly with ratings.

The show is also expected to replace the void Desperate Housewives will be leaving once the latter finally bows out in May 2012.

Based on the trailer alone, this show's like Hart of Dixie meets Desperate Housewives meets Mean Girls meets Revenge.

Juicy, huh?

Here's the teaser: