13 November 2011

The Mentalist's Rigsby is Welsh??

I kinda learned something new this morning and it had me saying "Homaygad!" out loud on my screen. 

I've been watching The Mentalist since it started four (?) years ago and would have never guessed the actor playing Rigsby, Owain Yeoman, is not American. I would have gathered that from the name alone. But Hollywood has plenty of people with fancy names, so who would've thought?

He also speaks with a thick Welsh accent, the kind you hear when Sir Anthony Hopkins speaks.

Watch him in this interview with TV Guide:

I also learned that Owain Yeoman is the ex-husband of Lucy Davis, whose character on The Office UK is someone I also liked:

Lucy was, in fact, a guest on The Mentalist last season.

I'm bummed about the divorce news. But I was really so surprised to learn a lot more about Rigsby!