10 November 2011

Screencaps: ANTM Featuring Georgina Wilson and Bench/Body

The last time I tuned to America's Next Top Model was the year that blonde Carrie-something won. That was, what? Between Cycles 6 to 8. And I don't really know if she went to become an actual 'top model' in the industry. (Did she?)

But I was surprised to learn that this episode I specifically watched today was already on its Cycle 17. Which means, I have not been watching this show half the time it was on air. Way to go, Tyra Banks! Who would've thought this was going to last this long, huh?

Anyway, the reason why I tuned to ANTM after all those years was because Twitterverse was exploding with news that a Filipina model and a Filipino clothing brand were going to be in it.

Curious, I checked the episode and took screen caps of the most important scenes my kababayan would want to see.

Georgina Wilson was indeed in that episode and her total exposure time was something like 2-3 minutes.

The stylist for this episode, Filipina model Georgina Wilson.

But before her, another Filipino talent was also on the show:

His part didn't have anything to do with Georgina's. And apparently, according to the show, he's been on ANTM before. This is his second time. Filipinos are so well-represented on ANTM, then. Good to know that!

Anyway, the shoot for this week's episode took place in Greece and the models were supposed to wear swimsuits/bikini/undies provided by....

Filipino clothing brand bench/body.

For this, they got Nikos Papadopoulous, obviously a local (Greek), as photographer:

And here are more screen captures:

This model says the underwear line is adorable.
Maybe, I should go out and check bench/body at the mall.

She didn't want to model underwear.

Her issue with it was that she's married and she believes her husband
is the only person who should see her in her undies.

And so Georgina tells her,
"No offense but, it's easier to change the model than the prototype."

So, that was it.  A short but remarkable exposure for Georgina.

And props to Bench for having six (or was it seven?) girls model their underwear on American TV. Tune to the show when it airs on cable, to see what the models wore.

The show aired on The CW this week. In the Philippines, you can catch the episode on ETC, airing November 14th.