12 November 2011

Random Observation: Gossip Girl Episode 6, Season 5

I mentioned more than once on Twitter that Dan Humphrey's current hairstyle looks really bad. It's like this whole new character on the show. Blair Waldorf even calls it 'muppet hair'.  I'd call that muppet 'Fugly'. But I doubt if Fugly could even get a gig on Sesame Street. That's how bad it looks.

What beef do you all have about DA HAIR?

But it's not just Dan's hair that has gone really bad on this show, as I would notice. Gossip Girl used to be the one program fashion savvy people and fashion wannabes look to for style points. Lately? It's as if someone abducted the show's stylist and everyone is left to dress themselves up or do their make-up.

Blair Waldorf's adorable, freshly made-up face was always refreshing to see in previous seasons:

Gorgeous doll face, as I'm sure you would agree. Lately though, she comes off looking haggard with her hair needing a lift or new cut and her aura in serious need of this:

What happened there, Blair? (Photo grabbed from Tumblr)

"I don't know. I'm supposed to be pregnant on the show.
This pretend-baby is probably sucking all my glow, it's so realistic!"

And what about all-American, Sunshine Girl Serena Van Der Woodsen? Who took her glow? When did she start dressing up dowdy?

What, this? This is a fashion statement!
And the statement is: I dress with my curtains now and don't wash DA HAIR.

You and the love of your life, Dan, are really meant to be. :P

At Diana's media party, Serena and her boss were made to look like twins. Did you catch that? There must be a song and dance number from these two, on the show's DVD version.

So, what is going on with Gossip Girl's make-up and wardrobe department??