29 November 2011

Oh, dear lord! These women aren't going away!!

The Kardashian Sisters. They're always in the news, aren't they?

Five (5) things you must know about me and my aversion for anything Kardashian:
  • I've NEVER seen an episode of their Reality TV show. It does not appeal to me. 
  • Well, except that one time when I was at a friend's house and the show was what was on her TV. And it was Kim's wedding special (married to Kris Humphries). 
  • I feel something's grating my ears when Kim Kardashian talks. The first time I heard her speak was when she was on Conan O' Brien. I think I saw the episode early this year. Yep, that was my first "encounter" with Kim. Honest to blog. 
  • I know about the Kardashians only because I read and follow online stuff. When they're on TV, I switch channel, leave the room, or turn it off. Which explains #3. 
  • They are always in everything I read. Thus, I can't avoid them online because the stuff I read are research sources. :P

One (1) fact you must know about the Kardashians:

THEY ARE  NOT GOING AWAY!!!  If anything, there will be more of them from (some of the) stuff I read online! In fact, they are already in Glamour's January 2012 Edition!

Who keeps putting these girls everywhere??? The publicity army's good and hard at work, I give them that. But man, I wish they'd already disappear!