11 November 2011

Look-A-Likes: Krycek and Brody

I knew there was something familiar about Damian Lewis! For years, I've been trying to figure it out --- Who does this guy look like?

Damian Lewis

And then I read this news that had Nicholas Lea's photo on it. The report said he was going to be a guest on this show I don't watch, so I didn't bother reading the whole text.  But his thumbnail photo stuck with me.

Nicholas Lea

There's the answer to the thing I've been wondering about all these years! Don't they look-a-like? The resemblance is striking!

I remember Lea on The X Files. He played the agent, Alex Krycek. Years later, I would watch Damian Lewis on Band of Brothers and every show he's been on after that. And there was this nagging thought that his face definitely looks familiar.

Now I know.

My mind's at peace.


Nicholas Lea appeared as a semi-regular on shows like The X Files and Kyle XY. He also had several TV guest stints. He was last seen on V. He will soon appear as guest on Supernaturals

Damian Lewis was on Band of Brothers and Life. He is currently starring in Showtime's Homeland, which is only like, my most lauded new show of this season.