20 October 2010

The Big C: Cathy Reveals She Has Cancer

Did I ever tell you about how awesome The Big C is? Oh, yep. I did! I gave it an A+.

I wasn't able to keep tabs of it since all these season premieres began.

But the other day, I was finally caught up with aired episodes as of last week and saw this really moving scene between Cathy (the character played by Laura Linney) and her brother, Sean (who is this quirkiest guy --- he's a homeless person, by choice!).

This is what went on in their exchange, when Cathy finally reveals to him that she is dying.

CATHY: I've cancer...

SEAN: (Laughs) Wh-what?

CATHY: I'm sorry to blurt it out like that. When I say it in my head, it sounds a lot more eloquent. But...it turns out, quiet dignity is hard to do out loud.  So, that's it.  I have cancer. Melanoma to be exact. And I'm dying.

SEAN: Are you gonna do anything about it?

CATHY: Other than eat more sweets, not really...(laughs nervously). I've looked into it. The options aren't good.

SEAN: (in disbelief) Jesus, Cathy.... Jesus......

SEAN: (takes a deep breath) Well okay.....okay. Okay. Well, people die.  You know it's a guarantee, something is gonna get you, now you know what it is. Me? I'm in the dark.  But people die. That's the way it works, people....you're gonna die. And it's gonna suck.....because..... I was just trying to figure you out, sis.  I was just... (breaks down)

SEAN: I was just starting to understand....that you're the only thing I have in this world.....

And then, because she saw how distraught her brother was, she pretended it was all a prank... as they often pull this on each other. She confirms to herself that is it indeed difficult to tell someone you love you're dying, which is why she's been stalling this; not even telling her husband and son about it. Sean is the first to know in the family. And his reaction made it all the more difficult for Cathy.

I love this moment. I love how naturally good Laura Linney is. I loved how crushed John Benjamin Hickey (Sean) looked  and how, together, they brought authenticity and heart to this scene. They made me bawl. They made my husband bawl (seriously!).

It was heartbreaking to watch, but it was good TV (sooo good!).

You've got to check out The Big C.