14 October 2010

The Friends Zone

Heard while watching Raising Hope, this season's gem of a comedy series:

Raising Hope, Season 1 Episode 4
VIRGINIA: "Jimmy, if you don’t make a move soon, you’re gonna get stuck in the friend zone. And that is a real thing. I saw it, on Friends. Ross and Rachel were stuck in it. It made for some good episodes but poor Ross was in hell."

Credit: Daydream Believer


Have been MIA for some time. For the most part, I've been trying to balance work and my family duties (seven dogs, seven dogs, seven dogs!!!). And then, I had more set backs when I had to endure the most horrible migraine for two days; it was hellish!  But all's better now, and I think I've got work back in order. The household remains unpredictable, though. Sometimes, the dogs give me easy time, other times, I want to tear my hair out. Meantime, my boys (hubs/son) are doing their own thing and making themselves busy too.

Anyway....I've been reading about how this season has, so far, been underwhelming. Some people are saying none of the new shows are actually making much of an impact. Not even The Event (which was called The Next Lost), nor Boardwalk Empire (it has been slllllloooooowl to develop), and a score of other titles that fell short of expectations (e.g. Undercovers, Shit My Dad Says).

Is this the way you feel too? Are most of what we have for this Fall not worth sticking for nor talking about?

There used to be something that should already stand out after two weeks of airing but, we're down a month...and as the ratings are showing, people are actually watching less and less.

I don't have an opinion about this for now. Couldn't say if I'm underwhelmed or if I have my expectations falling short. I've had other reasons for not watching (inspite of my wanting to watch!). So, let me get to the bottom of this and see if what they're saying is true.

I've got to do some serious Fall TV Season catching up!

And I'm starting that tonight...