15 October 2010

In Awe of Michael Chiklis from No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family
Not that I've ever doubted it, but as I was watching No Ordinary Family's episode this week, I was in complete awe of how great an actor Michael Chiklis is.

On The Shield, he played this hot-headed, corrupt police detective who I don't really want to encounter in real life.

On No Ordinary Family, he's the complete opposite. He's charming and endearing; someone with a knack for comedy, who can also dance quite alright, too.

This is the side of Chiklis I have not seen in the six years I've stayed glued to The Shield. And this is a side I don't mind seeing more of.

In this week's episode of No Ordinary Family, his character, Jim, with the power of strength and force, along with his best buddy George St. Cloud, had to crash a few weddings to catch the bad guys, these wedding reception robbers. Since Jim is still learning how to use his powers, this part about catching the bad guys did not always go so well.

But what really cracked me up was that Chiklis had to show his dancing moves more than once in this episode.  Because weddings have dances and so as not to blow their cover, they had to blend in....and dance.

I've been searching a video of it online, but have, so far, found nothing. I wish you can all see it because he's really cute to watch. Wasn't so bad about moving his burly rounded body, too. The guy is graceful, in fact!

I read somewhere that since The Shield ended, everyone was scrambling and wanting to have Michael Chiklis on their show. That tells me, he's that good of an actor.

I had some reservations about seeing him on No Ordinary Family, I have to be honest about it. To my mind, he's always been Vic Mackey. To my mind, he's always had this gaze, this look that could kill you, if it could.

But, after three episodes of NOF, I have to say....he does carry a show really well. Whether it's something as intense as The Shield or as light and campy as No Ordinary Family, Chiklis has such a good recall and presence, and a good hold of the role he is playing.

And that? That's a mark of a true TV lead star.

Have you seen No Ordinary Family?