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16 August 2010

I'm giving The Big C an A+

...and I'm back. Excuse the week long absence. It has been too crazy at home.

Laura Linney plays a Cancer-striken wife/Mom on The Big C
Anyway, took a break from all the craziness to check out the first episode of The Big C. This series stars Laura Linney. I've always known her to be a good actress, but watching her star in her own TV show has left me really very impressed.

Some actors stand out because they are good. Laura Linney is of a different breed, I think. She stands out because she's not only good at what she does, she makes everyone in the cast good at what they do, too.

I think that if you're an actor and you have to do a scene with her, you are so challenged to match her caliber. You know what I'm saying?

Suffice to say, The Big C has a good ensemble of cast and characters. If you happen to check this out, you will find a lot of them quite interesting, including the old woman that lives across Cathy's (Laura Linney's character) house, and Cathy's brother who is a homeless man (by choice....he chooses to live as a homeless man! How crazy huh?)

That The Big C is carried by Showtime only means this show is kind of quirky, and (to borrow Meredith Gray's line) "dark and twisty". The cable network has a roster of dark comedy series with women leading the pack ---- United States of Tara (personality disorder), Nurse Jackie (drug addiction) and Weeds (drug pusher).

The writing's quite stellar, too. I found myself smiling a few times, the way the scenes were played out. Among my favorite quotes:

CATHY: "I haven't had onion in 15 years because you say they're 'stinky poo poo'"
PAUL (her husband): "They are!…..C'mon Cathy, do you honestly tell me that I'm sleeping on my sister's couch because you want to cook with onions again?"
CATHY: "Yes, Paul. That's it. I want onions to be a major part of my life next year!"
CATHY (disciplining her son): "Listen! Someday, I am gonna be dead and as a courtesy to the world I don't wanna leave them a guy who doesn't know how to flush his own shit down the toilet.... And let me be clear!!! Your dad isn't living here because I only want to raise one kid, and I chose you. And from now on, I'm gonna raise you so hard, your head's gonna spin!"

The Big C is going to be on my list, for sure!


  1. laura linney is really one fine actress. adore her much. great to see her star in her own series. thanks for your review. will check it out soon.

    btw, haven't started on cougar town yet :(. little boss somehow got hold of my plan kaya ayun, 11 pm buhay na buhay pa- parang yung bunny sa energizer commercial - this has been going on for several nights na. good luck to me hehe.


  2. Haha, the baby is on to you! =)

    Ganda tong Big C. It's funny but depressing rin.