07 October 2010

Life's getting in the way of my TV viewing again...

Something I miss doing these days:
watching more and more TV
Dear lordy... I have 24 episodes of TV shows I've yet to watch. These are backlogs from last week and my list should be a lot longer as new episodes come out this week.

These are the days when I wish there were 48 hours to a day and that people need not sleep to recharge. As it is, I'm already sleep-deprived...and in definite need of getting my schedule back on track.

My subconscious is even sending me a message.

The other day, I dreamt I was crushing a wristwatch, breaking it to pieces, which --- because I have so many talents :P and I dabble on dream analysis in my spare time (and spare time is all I got, yeah right!) --- actually meant I have lost the structure in my life.

Life is getting in the way of my TV watching.


These past few days, I only got to watch the latest episodes from Project Runway, X Factor UK and X Factor Australia. Because these shows? I can leave it on and multi-task and I wouldn't have missed too much of it. I can follow the "story" but I don't have to understand/analyze it to "get" the "story". You know what I mean? Thus, an epiphany...I genuinely get it now. I understand why Reality TV is such a hit among many casual TV viewers! Because here's something you can watch and be entertained by, without really investing too much, in terms of focus and attention. Why did I just realize that now?

The other night, I attempted to watch How I Met Your Mother thinking I shouldn't miss any episodes...and I fell asleep when it was almost over. I couldn't remember how it ended, that I had to watch it again early the next morning. I also tried watching The Good Wife's new season premiere this week....and vaguely remember if I've finished that episode too. (Think not. Can't remember anything at all. Have to re-watch this!)

Last night, it took me about two hours to finish last week's episode of House. Because I had to keep pausing it. There are so many things to attend to here at home. Someone always seem to need something and as long as they are awake, I have to be "on call", so to speak. I think I've been saying it over and over on this blog: I have a husband, a teenager and seven dogs who all need something from "Supermom". :P Ironically, I do not have the super powers to make everything so easy, any mom will tell you that. I do not have the super power to pause time, so I can watch my shows!

I'm not complaining. I chose this life.  I just wish I had more time to clear away my TV backlogs. I hate it when my list gets long.

How do you manage to watch what you want to watch, when you have real stuff to do in your life? Some people do without watching television completely, thinking TV is a waste of time. But that's not me. Obviously.

* This entry is beginning to read like this week's episode on Glee --- serious, slightly depressing and totally incohesive.  It's 5 am when I began writing this.  I've been awake since 3:30 am, having slept around midnight.  Nothing I say would really sound coherent.