29 October 2010

The Big C and Modern Family This Week: Tragedy and Comedy Gold

Last night's TV menu included a palatable serving of The Big C and Modern Family. And boy, was I completely satisfied after watching.

Sophomore series, Modern Family, probably had the most interesting episode since it debuted over a year ago. Everyone in the cast were in costumes because it was their Halloween special. Plus the stories and jokes had all the elements of crazy, wacky and weird... which is why this show is so well-loved in the first place.

From Gloria's attempt to speaking in proper English accent, to Mitch's Spider-man escapade at work and Cameron's boyhood trauma for Halloween, to the Dunphy's Halloween party plans...this episode was written as fun and funny, perfectly.

I can't even begin where to tell you just how fantastic it was. But if you are looking for some Halloween treats from TV, this episode is a must-not-miss.

Gloria's Quotable Quotes:

"We live in a doggie dog world."
"Blessings in the sky."
"Carpool Tunnel Syndrome."
“He scared the baby Jesus out of me!”

Can't help but love, love her!

Meanwhile, in The Big C, Cathy finally tells her husband she is sick with cancer. This she does after 10 episodes of hiding the fact (which, from the story's timeline, took about half the summer season).

There were so many scenes from this week's story that I wanted to put on this blog, because like Modern Family, it delivered another perfectly written episode.

But, I'm picking out this last scene to show you...which was how Cathy (played by Laura Linney so effortlessly) breaks the news to her now-estranged husband, who, last week, just found out his wife was having an affair.

TV's been awesome yesterday! Did you watch anything interesting?