15 February 2009

DollHouse is DULL House?

So ask me how long it took me to finish watching Dollhouse? For an hour long pilot episode, it took me 3 hours to finish it! Three hours! I just had to stop in between and take naps....which goes to show that it wasn't that interesting nor compelling for me.

Disappointed? A little bit. With all the hoopla during pre-production, it's almost unforgiving we're getting such a lackluster series. Dollhouse creator, Joss Whedon's credentials included critical hits that weren't successful with the mainstream audience. (Well, okay...Buffy was, yeah?) Are they going for mainstream success this time around? Is that why Dollhouse isn't as smart and clever as one would've hoped?

But then again I thought I should hold for a few more episodes before I can completely say this show sucks. I still hope it gets better.

The weakest link perhaps lies in Elisha Dushku, who doesn't have the charm, energy and range as....say, Jennifer Garner on Alias (which in some ways is what Dollhouse is like).

I know that when a character excites me, I sometimes wish I could be like her or be in her shoes. And Echo does not have me wishing I could be a programmed assassin or something. She does not connect.

And I certainly don't wanna live in that dollhouse. That place is tranquil, alright. It looks just like a spa. And with my mindset right now? I need all the spa treatments and pampering I can get, I should be wishing I could be in a place like that. But the actual dollhouse? It seems hardly relaxing. Only distant and cold. Much like what the pilot is about.