05 February 2009

Catching Up!

Still have a long list of TV shows I am not (yet) watching. I have got to get back in the game. I'm starting to get agitated! Grrr.

Anyway, I've got to catch up on at least two or three weeks worth of episodes of ----
  • Scrubs
  • 24
  • House
  • Lie To Me
  • Leverage
  • Legend of The Seeker
  • Trust Me (which I started watching this morning....like it!)
  • Private Practice (I am thinking of letting this one go now, just waiting for the cross-over episode with Grey's Anatomy)
  • Privileged
  • Fringe
  • Being Erica
  • The Last Templar (Da Vinci Code for TV starring Mira Sorvino...not sure how great it is, we'll see...)
  • Being Human (British series about ghosts, werewolves and witches living like regular people....this storyline is starting to get so beaten)
And of course, there's American Idol, everyone's guilty pleasure. Who are you liking so far? I'm rooting for that Danny Gokey guy. That dude who looks like Downey, Jr.