06 February 2009

Upcoming TV Shows Fall '09

The Live Feed has a summary of what new programs we should be expecting from the networks this coming fall season.

I know, right? Mid Season premieres haven't even finished half-way through. In fact, I'm still waiting on Better Off Ted, Kings and Amy Poehler's Parks and Recreation (to name a few) all of which are starting this March-April.

And then here comes this new list...It's a pretty coherent one, too. It gives all of us a, uh, birds eye view of what's coming this September.

My early favorites from the list? Probably Legally Mad, which will star Kristin Chenoweth, who I so loved on Pushing Daisies. Incidentally, her Pushing Daisies co-star, Anna Friel, is also being eyed for a starring role in one of two (or three?) female centric shows from that list. It's either Eastwick or I, Claudia for her next season.

Anyone addicted to watching TV, should check this list out now: Know your fall TV pilots! Cop, doctor, lawyer, remake or a new idea?