04 February 2009

Lost's Desmond and Penny's Baby? Filipino!

Many of us watching Lost last week got the shock of our lives (in a good way though) when we saw what was happening during the opening scene. Desmond was frantically looking for a doctor named Efren Salonga, who to me looked like a typical "albularyo" or quack doctor.

Was surprised even further when I saw this in the background:

That would have to be our flag. If you're a foreigner visiting our country, you would hear the words "Mabuhay!" uttered quite a lot when locals greet you. (Fact: Mabuhay wasn't always quite the...errr, buzz word... that it is now. It just became so around 1993-94 when Miss Universe was staged here after some 30 years. Mabuhay means: Long Live! or To Life!).

The Philippine Flag. Mabuhay. On Lost! Wow.

Was surprised some more upon learning what Desmond needed the doctor for. His wife, Penny, was giving birth. Penny is with child, having labor pains... on Philippine shores! She was giving birth to child who will now be a Filipino, by virtue of his birthplace.

Baby Charlie Hume is Pinoy. Mabuhay!

Watch the opening scene: