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15 November 2011

Random Observation: Once Upon A Time, Episode 4 Season 1

I'm seriously enjoying watching Once Upon A Time. Someone's imagination is working big time on this show. Kudos to the writers!

And I'm loving all the twists and the real-world counterparts of storybook characters I've read as a child. I also love that in the real world, this is how the writers see Ruby, who is actually Little Red Riding Hood.


I can't wait to see what's her story. All we know is that she works in that diner/cafe Emma frequents (Granny's Cafe), while in fantasy land, she was part of the War Council.

Are you watching this show? What do you love about it so far?


  1. I also like the plot and the cast of this show. Its good show with interestingly different storyline. I never miss it at all.

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