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12 November 2011

Previously on 24...

It has been 10 years since 24 started its successful 8-season run. Do you remember these?

I don't know the status of the movie version of 24, though. The last I read, plans to do this is still active.

Incidentally, Keifer Sutherland is starting a new show by spring of 2012. Two years after 24 bowed out on Fox, and a decade after he gave life to one of the most iconic characters on television, (There is no one like Jack Bauer on TV, I dare say.) Keifer is returning to Fox for his new series, Touch:


  1. can't wait to see him again! mark your calendar... 3.18! yey!

  2. "Touch" is like this movie with Bruce Willis no? I can't remember the title, but it also had this kid with similar abilities.