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30 November 2011

New Show Alert: COMMON LAW on USA Network

On January 26, USA Network will premiere Common Law, a cop buddy series that has all the right elements to every show airing on this cable channel, such as White Collar, PsychRoyal Pains, Burn Notice & Suits.  

Here's a checklist. Tell me if Common Law does not fit the bill:
  • It features two guys.
  • The guys are sassy and snarky.
  • The show is light, never really heavy and serious.
  • The title is uncreative (I did have a problem with "Suits" before). 

The formula is a demand from the network itself. And it's a similar demand for their shows that star women (Covert Affairs, Fairly Legal, Necessary Roughness). But the guy series rate better. Which is why I sometimes get confused with Franklin & Bash being on a different cable network. That one would've been perfect for USA.

Anyway, here is Common Law's teaser trailer below:
The new original series COMMON LAW kicks into high gear when two cops discover they have one problem - each other. Despite their differences, they are still the best detectives on the force but when things come to a head on the eve of their "seven-year itch," their captain forces them into couples' therapy to save their "marriage." The 12-episode one-hour series stars Michael Ealy ("The Good Wife," "Californication"), Warren Kole ("The Chicago Code," "24"), Jack McGee ("The Fighter," "Rescue Me") and Sonya Walger ("Lost," "In Treatment") and is currently in production in New Orleans.

Common Law fits the formula, right? And I do like watching some of the show's on USA, even if they all look the same. Because they're fun to watch and easy to get. It balances out my viewing experience after watching something intense or heavy, such as Homeland or The Walking Dead.

Are you that way, too?

Will you be checking out Common Law? I know I will.


  1. I will watch Common Law....looks like it may be fun., Yeah maybe USA shows all look the same, but the ratings say people like it that way. Seems like USA has taken cues from the NBC Mystery Movie series from years ago. If you think about it, "McCloud", "Columbo", "Banacek", etc. would be right at home on USA. Characters are definately welcome! ; )

  2. Definitely give it a shot, not a big fan of the average cop duo programs but this is definitely the time of year to give any new show a chance.

  3. What is that theme song?

  4. I was wondering what the music was at the beginning of episode "ride along" while shooting?

  5. I hope someone out there has the answer..tried to google it, but no luck

  6. Someone told me the OST is Sleigh Bells《Infinity Guitars》.