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13 November 2011

Look-A-Likes: My Kraaas (Crush) & Will Arnett (Gob)

I think that even if I'd live to be 85 years old, assuming I would live that long without being senile, I'd still harbor school girl crushes. :P

Well, I have a crush.♥

On TV.

Or I used to have a crush, because I think I'm almost over it (coz the show is almost done heh!).

From this guy on The Sing-Off.  Whose name I keep forgetting (there it goes, sign of senility!), although one of my friends on Twitter mentioned his name to me. (Thanks!)

Watch him perform:

Isn't he dreamy? ♥ ♥ ♥ (On that video, the judges call him Jake. His name is Jake. I have to remember that!)

Anyway, last night while re-watching Arrested Development, I came to a scene where Will Arnett, who plays Gob in the series, was performing his magic trick.

And that's where I saw the resemblance.

My crush and Will Arnett are look-a-likes!

But here's the thing...I'm not crushing on Will Arnett at all. NOT AT ALL. And I'm not happy about them being look-a-likes.

No offense to the actor, as I'm know he is well-respected in the industry,  but he comes off as a d-bag to me.

And it's not his fault. I just see Gob in him so much and Gob was such a douche. Which is probably why, after Arrested Development, I haven't really liked any of the series Will Arnett has done, even if I try liking it.

So, there.

You've got a TV crush? Spill!

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