06 February 2014

Hello TV fans. It's been awhile...

This is the part where I'm supposed to write something clever about why this blog has been quiet for three months.


I got nothing.

I have no excuse.

I wish my absence had something with going to a fan convention or TV set tour somewhere. But things around here are pretty banal and routine. Which is just how I really want it, don't get me wrong. But it makes it so easy to slack a bit.

Anyway…let me dip my feet back to this blogging stuff again. Like I did so a dozen times. Hopefully, this time, I'll really stick to my resolve of updating this site regularly. (Pressure!!!)

I'll do away with the small talk or chit-chat, and go ahead with talking about TV, okay? 


I read this TV news this morning that literally brought me to tears: John Cusack, the actor I carry a torch for --- no disrespect to my significant other --- is finally going to do television!

You have no idea how much I wanted this to happen! Years ago, there were rumors about him guest starring on Scrubs, because he's good friends with one of the stars. But nothing came out of that and I've always wondered if he would ever consider being part of television, just like his sisters Joan and Anne.

See, over there in Hollywood, movie stars and TV stars have their separate worlds. But because TV is doing better than movies lately, a lot of these big actors, who sought to do movies exclusively like John Cusack does, are now crossing over to the small screen.

Anyway, this was the news I read:

From Deadline.com

I should be bummed that while John Cusack is going to do TV, he's not gonna be on camera, but working behind the scenes as Executive Producer and co-Writer.

I should be saying, "Boooooo!" But I'm fine with this.  I've been wanting to see his name attached to a TV series badly, I'm gonna take this. And then hope that he will enjoy his first TV experience enough to consider finally saying yes to a production he could star in. (John, Matthew McConaughey's already doing it!)

In 1999, John Cusack did a TV-movie for HBO, the Western family drama The Jack Bull. He also was guest-caller on an episode on Frasier. That's the extent of his work on TV has been so far.

This current TV pilot will still undergo testing and changes. I really hope it pushes forward. CBS already disappointed me last season when they gave up on Super Clyde with Rupert Grint. Don't do this to me this time, CBS!