11 November 2013


Dear World,

Our country's central islands have been ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan, which has been recorded as the strongest typhoon to hit the world ever.  There's been an estimated 10,000 dead, while millions of people are without homes. Aid from around the world are coming in and we're truly gracious for this. But we need more help, especially when another storm is brewing in the south in the coming few days, and it's threatening the same places Haiyan has destroyed.

Here's where you can send help. These all link to US centers that coordinate with their Philippine counterpart:

The pictures I see are beyond depressing that I thought I could find comfort in watching Band of Brothers, where triumph of the human spirit trumps death and destruction. How I wish making all the sadness go away would be as easy as flicking the remote button. But the reality is, we are a country struggling and in mourning.

Please help the Philippines carry through this.

Thank you.

P. S. --- For those in Manila, on Tuesday (11.12) my husband and I will be joining a group in gathering donations at Total in the Greenhills area. If you wish to drop off your donations there, please do so.  You can also send in your monetary donations through various bank accounts posted by news networks.