10 February 2014

[Big Bang Theory] This Interview Deserves a BAZINGA!

How many of you know that Mayim Bialik is actually a neuroscientist, just like her character on The Big Bang Theory? The actress earned her Ph.D at UCLA before returning to work on television.

The actress said that she chose to do TV work, her sitcom in particular, because it would allow her more time with her kids as the schedule is more flexible.

"For me, a Research Professorship would have taken me from my kids more than I wanted to and I don't think that would've been pleasurable."

Interestingly enough, she doesn't let her kids watch television and provides a valid reason why. She wrote an interesting take about it:
As for “my show,” my kids have no context for the notion of actors since they don’t watch TV. As it stands now, Mama’s “work” is me straightening my hair (my 5 year old calls it my “wig”), putting on make-up and high heels, going out, coming back a few hours later, and getting back into PJs as my hair recurls throughout the day. Will they someday see me on TV? Yes. Do other children we know in our community see me on TV? Yes. Does my older son think all Mamas have a Barbie doll made in their likeness? Yes. Am I lying to them? No. I am simply giving them information about my life that is developmentally appropriate. I am keeping aspects of my work private until they can understand it better in its proper context. (snipped) Do I think I am better than you for not letting my kids watch TV? Not at all. Do I think that no children should watch TV? Maybe, but that’s really up to each individual family to decide.