18 February 2014

From TV to Graphic Novels: ONCE UPON A TIME & REVENGE

In 2013, ABC's Once Upon A Time got a comic book treatment, the first TV series tie-in with Marvel Comics. Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen touched on the relationship between the Evil Queen and the Huntsman, and filled the gap of a particular episode in the show's first season. The book was a best-seller under the Hardcover Graphic Book category according to The New York Times, and copies are still available at Amazon.

Following this, ABC and Marvel is giving yet another TV show its comic book treatment with Revenge: The Secret Origin of Emily Thorne.

To be released in the fall, this comic book encompasses Emily Thorne's backstory, and among others,  answers how the switch with Amanda Clarke came to be. (Was it not dredged up in the series yet?)

"She is a comic-book character. She has an identity — she's a rich person who poses as a socialite during the day and at night exacts vengeance. Because she is such a complicated character and has a lot of villains in her past, graphic novels are a really natural fit." - Source

While I'm personally not into graphic novels and I have long since quit watching Revenge and Once Upon A Time, there's a growing market for TV series-comic book tie-ins. For devoted fans of the show, this should be awesome to collect.  

Will you be picking up a copy of these books? 

Images are from ComicBookResources.Com