07 February 2014

[The Michael J. Fox Show] Door Closes, Window Opens

The cancellation of The Michael J. Fox show wasn't unexpected. Its numbers were failing every week and unfortunately, no matter the potential of a series, it's the ratings that matter most.

I would've kept watching this. The show grew on me and I though that there were plenty of funny bits.  On hindsight and looking at the core of the show, I realize that some of its storylines were actually unforgettable. Plus, there were characters on this show that weren't easy to like.

But…as one opportunity closes, another opens.

Right after cancellation announcements, this news came out on TV Line:
Michael J. Fox won’t have time to stew over the cancellation of The Michael J. Fox Show — he’s needed back at The Good Wife, and not just for a one-off guest stint.  TVLine has learned that Fox has closed a deal with the CBS drama to reprise his role as Alicia’s legal nemesis Louis Canning for multiple, season-ending episodes.
As a comedian, Michael J. Fox can pretty much delivers. His timing is still there. It's just that there are times when it's hard to watch him doing comedy. And I might regret putting this out there, but…I couldn't get past his condition. Someone with Parkinson's making me laugh? It wasn't working for me because I end up just feeling sorry for him. I find that I like The Michael J. Fox Show better when I see less of Michael J. Fox.

On the other hand, I find Michael J. Fox quite the effective antagonist on The Good Wife. I really like how his character stirs things up over there and having him will make the show even more interesting. The Good Wife seems to keep raising the bar and I can't wait to see what happens next with him back!

As for the rest of the cast, Betsy Brandt, who played the wife, was a revelation to me because she played an annoying character on Breaking Bad. On The Michael J. Fox Show, I discovered she's a natural at being funny, so I hope she will be able to find another comedy to star in. Ditto Conor Romero, who played the eldest son, whose schtick somehow reminds me of Dan Byrd (Cougar Town).

The Michael J. Fox Show will be replaced by Hollywood Game Night effective immediately. Its remaining 7 episodes, however, will be aired sometime beginning April.

Have you seen an episode of The Michael J. Fox Show? What did you think of it?