03 November 2012

Sara Rue's Transformation in MALIBU COUNTRY

I enjoyed watching Sara Rue back when she starred in Less Than Perfect with Zachary Levi. And although the series was short-lived and unimpressive, Sara's presence lingered on me. At that time, she was still heavy, but it was evident that she has a pretty face (and a talent to boot!)

Over the years, I would watch Sara guest star on shows like The Big Bang Theory and Eastwick, and would notice her gradual weight loss. I don't know her story or how she's able to lose the pounds. There was even a time where she really was so much thinner. But I imagine that being light weight would be an ultimate goal for her since she's working in unforgiving Hollywood, where fat is the enemy.

Anyway, I just wrapped up watching her new series, Malibu Country, and was totally surprised to see Sara Rue looking like a cross between Sonia Vergara and Leighton Meester!

Sara Rue in Malibu Country
Sara Rue in Malibu Country
Sara Rue in Malibu Country
I honestly don't know which Sara I like better. Either way, she looks gorgeous to me. But I also don't like that her character on her new show has to be this rich but ditzy blonde, a Malibu stereotype. I thought she can do so much better. She's a capable, funny actress.

I have no plans of watching the show further than the pilot episode, by the way.  It doesn't seem like it will last longer than six episodes and I really only wanted to see what Sara's up to. Now I did and that's that.

Did you check out Malibu Country like I did? No? Good for you. That's fewer than 30 minutes of time I'm never getting back.