06 November 2012

TV Style: 2 Blondes and a Red Dress on REVENGE and 666 PARK AVENUE

This Alexander McQueen gown makes its appearance on two different TV shows on ABC.

I thought that Rachael Taylor look absolutely stunning wearing it on the pilot episode of 666 Park Avenue, which aired some six weeks ago.

Rachael Taylor and David Annabel on 666 Park Avenue pilot episode.
I thought the dress fitted so well with Rachael's skin tone and hair color.

But then, I watched Emily Van Camp wearing the same dress last night on Revenge and she filled it up better;  she was ravishing.

Raaawwwr. Emily Van Camp as Emily Clarke on Revenge
Yowza. Emily's red McQueen gown on Revenge.
Was it Oprah who said that the color red registers better, so people on TV like wearing it? (Was it red or was it green?) Coz this isn't the first red dress that has seen more than one appearance TV. Here's that other red dress worn by two different characters in two different shows recently.

Justin & Rebecca

It's also amusing to note that aside from the dress Rachael and Emily wore, they also share something else in common --- in that both had screen time with David Annabel, who is now currently starring with Racheal Taylor on 666 Park Avenue.

But he and Emily Van Camp used to be an item back when they were both doing Brothers and Sisters, as Justin and Rebecca.

What Is Happening on Revenge?

I've been criticizing how Revenge has been this season. It doesn't seem as though Emily knows what she's doing. I know I'm not the only one complaining about it. Other viewers lament that she used to be one step ahead of her enemies. But that doesn't seem to be happening for a while now, when there are several distractions and hitches to carrying out her plans.

But last night was a defining moment.  Coz it looks like Emily's gotten her bearings back, which also means that the show must be moving right on track. I really like the show better when they reveal how cunning and calculated her moves are. Seeing that last night gave me hope this show isn't suffering from a creative discourse. I'd hate for that to happen when Revenge showed extreme promise the first time it aired.

As with ratings, Revenge is doing fine in its new Sunday timeslot on ABC. But it was performing way, way better when it was on Wednesday nights last season. Revenge has to compete with other high profile TV shows on Sundays. This day is the toughest block to be scheduled under. Writers have to constantly bring their A-game to make the story development interesting.

What Is Happening on 666 Park Avenue?

I've lost track of 666 Park Avenue after the 3rd episode so I have little idea if it's getting better or worse. In fact, I expressed plans of giving it up already because, while there are creepy moments and I scare easy, the rest of the story isn't holding my interest. But I'm reconsidering and will probably catch up during hiatus season.

666 Park Avenue's ratings, however, isn't helping generate interest, as the show drops viewers every week. The cancel bear is eager to gobble this up.

Are you watching any of these shows regularly? What's your take on the current turn of events? And which one wore the red McQeen dress better? :D