26 November 2012

The Coolest Video 80's Kids Will Dig from THE WEDDING BAND

I have not heard this song in a while! What made it pretty special was because the guys from this TBS comedy, The Wedding Band, gave this song a new spin. It was absolutely the coolest, no matter how short this presentation was!

Here, listen to it:

And if you're not familiar with the song, this is the original from the Pet Shop Boys. It's also pretty cool!

 I look forward to weekend viewings now that there's a show like The Wedding Band on air. The series is lead by Brian Austin Green, who I admit I'm not a fan of, but I've decidedly found new respect for him because of this show.

He's just, well...cool.

The music and their song choices have the right amount of nostalgia and --- alright, coolness --- to it. (I keep saying this word "cool" because there really is no best way to describe it but that!!!)

Here's the song they performed in the pilot episode:

The Wedding Band has, so far, shown three episodes and will run through the rest of the holiday season with fresh episodes every weekend. It's not a ratings puller, given that it comes on a weekend (Saturday) and it's on cable (TBS, 10pm). Or that it's also not heavily promoted and there is no hype going around it even if Megan Fox was on the 2nd episode.

But the storylines are solid and the characters gel together nicely. You cannot watch and not like anyone. You would be surprised at how good and funny this show actually is!

From the official press release:
TBS is turning up the volume on comedies with its newest original series, Wedding Band, starring Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90120, Desperate Housewives), Harold Perrineau (Lost, Oz), Peter Cambor (NCIS: Los Angeles, Notes from the Underbelly) and Derek Miller (Secret Girlfriend). The series follows four friends - three single, one married, all with day jobs - who escape their daily stress and responsibilities by playing "weekend rock gods" in Seattle's premier wedding and events band, Mother of the Bride. This hour-long comedy series also stars Melora Hardin (The Office), Jenny Wade (The Good Guys) and Kathryn Fiore (MADtv). 
On Philippine cable, the show is carried by beTV and airs a week after fresh US episodes.

To those who've seen The Wedding Band, what's your best performance so far?