30 October 2012

TV Style: Bell Pepper Dress and Scary Spice's Style on THE X FACTOR AUSTRALIA

Scary Spice, Mel B, is looking really better on The X Factor Australia. Not a fan of how she dresses up in general. But on the show, I think she's hired a smarter stylist this year. Most of what she's wearing aren't screaming, "Take notice!" as it is in the past. And yet, I *do* take notice of her now because what she wears highlight all of her best features.

Scary Spice does have a pretty face and her clothes on the showw serve to bring that out.   Gone are the bold, wild colors and prints she used to wear, which clashes with everything else. Instead, she wears dresses with classy fit and happy colors.

On the show this week, she wore this simple yellow dress and matched it with purple lipstick. Purple! The shade she had on is the kind that only a few people can pull off, but look at how amazing it is on her:

Also on The X Factor Australia this week, one of the finalists wore this bell-pepper printed dress. Not too keen on the actual style of the dress, but I'm so digging the print! Never would imagine something like this would be great to wear. You usually find it in curtains, to be honest. But this worked for her (Bella). It's uncommon and original and it complements the artist (she's the quirky type).

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the show this year. Pfft...I think I say that all the time when it comes to Australian talent shows. But they are just so good down under!