04 November 2012

TV Style: Juliette's Crochet Top on GRIMM and other GRIMMey stuff

First, I need to address something I'm sure you've noticed on this blog...

Lately, I've been doing a lot of TV Style entries instead of actually talking about the episodes at length. The blog isn't changing its "format" and it's not an attempt to crossover and try my hand at fashion blogging. Only, I'm more comfortable writing these types of entries NOW. Which is to say that maybe in a year or two, I may or may not be doing TV Style anymore...who knows?

But it also doesn't mean I'm going to be doing *just* this type of entry.

Let's face it, this blog has been through so many phases than I can count. It used to be my personal space and I used to discuss stuff other than television here. (The 3 people who've been reading this blog since day one would attest to it!)

I still do talk about what I watch every week on my Twitter account, short of giving those who follow me a blow-by-blow account of it. I can be annoying over there, though. Because talking about an episode in 140 characters is speedy, easy and direct. But it's also limiting. I flood timelines, although I'm not sorry for that one bit (heh!) so follow with caution.

Anyway, on with the show...

Juliette's Crochet Top

I wish I paid more attention to crochet projects in Home Economics back in school because I covet this top and would make one for myself if I could! (Too cheap to buy, blaaah! :P)

Elaborate crochet top worn by Juliette on Grimm

Details, details, details!

Juliette is wearing something from Urban Outfitters, which is currently on sale at their online store:

Staring at Stars Long-Sleeved Crochet Mix Top $24.99 • was $49.00  

It also comes in black and red. But the red one's really slutty....so, no. :P

This is my second time to feature what Juliette is wearing. Obviously, the show isn't in the same league as Gossip Girl, or Pretty Little Liars, or Sex and The City, as far as this department is concerned. So, I do appreciate that there is a style team working on a show like this. And according to IMBb, it's these people who should get the credit for it:

They are doing a great job not alienating women viewers on Grimm!


if you haven't seen Grimm S2 E10!

Who is getting frustrated over what is happening between Nick and Juliette on Grimm?  Or how the storyline involving the Royals is on a slow pace? I would really like to see the connection, if there is any. (There is, right?)

I'm not being impatient. Yet, I'm thinking maybe it would not be so bad to have Capt. Renard and Juliette actually end up together, spell or no spell. Who else is with me on this?? Because that final scene in this week's episode was...something! And I used to not like the captain before. But now? I'm seeing that he's not the ultimate bad guy after all. He's someone's subordinate; a minion, like many of them. Which means, he can turn his ways and change. For her. (Uyyyyy! :P)

Slow-burning plot aside though, Grimm remains in top form. I like this week's episode most especially because of Bud's presence:

While Monroe constantly provides the comic relief for this show, I really enjoyed how the writers made use of Bud more in this week's episode and hope they would have him on regular status. Him and Monroe together would be a riot!

Alright. Sound off in the comments below, if you have something to say about Grimm!