24 October 2012

Show Status: How are these new shows doing?

I have to say that many of these new shows have been underwhelming to me, so far. Although I'm enjoying the season, none have really hooked me so well as....maybe Revenge from last year?  I have my issues with Revenge now. But on its first 13-episode run (and before it had been picked up for a full season) the series was, in fact, flawless. There hasn't been anything like that for me with these latest freshmen shows. 

Among the new drama shoqa, even Revolution's popularity hasn't lived up to my viewing pleasure. And I love Nashville and Last Resort, but with their low ratings in total viewership, I'm not sure investing in it would be okay, so I watch these with caution. Elementary has disappointed me so much, I've decided to quit it.

I made a comment about Vegas on my Twitter account, and said that it hasn't been talked about much but look at where it stands. I like that show. There are more rooms for development, but given that it is a procedural, I know the show won't be able to do much with story development.

Under new comedies, I am really, really happy for Go On's mild success and I am hoping the show picks up steam and have me rolling on the floor soon. I find The Mindy Project and The Neighbors quite entertaining, with a few hits and misses. Partners, which has been panned by critics, is a pleasant surprise for me. 

Here is a ranking of where these new shows are:

Top 1: Revolution is leading the crop of new shows and has announced on its Facebook page that it is up for a 2nd season renewal. However, none of that seems to have hit the press and the announcement has been deleted on their page. Despite that, the show surges at 4.3 in the demo and it really is a hit for a struggling network like NBC.

The rest of the rankings are as follows, as posted on Deadline.
2. Elementary  CBS   9-episode order (22)   3.5/9
3. Go On   NBC   9-episode order (22)   2.9/8
4. Vegas   CBS   9-episode order (22)   2.7/8
5. The Mindy Project   Fox  11-episode order (24)  2.6/7
6. The New Normal   NBC  9-episode order (22)   2.5/7
7. Nashville  ABC  TBD  2.4/7
8. Last Resort ABC   2 Scripts   2.3/7
8. Partners   CBS   TBD   2.3/6
8. 666 Park Ave  ABC   2 Scripts   2.3/6
11. The Neighbors  ABC   3 Scripts   2.1/6
12. Ben & Kate   Fox   6-episode order (19)   1.8/5
13. Chicago Fire   NBC   TBD   1.7/5
13. Guys With Kids   NBC   5 scripts  1.7/5
15. Animal Practice  NBC   Cancelled  1.4/5
16. Mob Doctor  Fox   Unofficially cancelled 1.3/3
16. Arrow   The CW   9 Episodes (22)   1.3/4
17. Made In Jersey   CBS   Cancelled   1.1/4
18. Beauty And The Beast   The CW   3 Scripts   0.9/3
19. Emily Owens, MD   The CW   3 Scripts   0.5/1
Noticed that the fate of Nashville and Partners are still undertermined  (I hope these will be kept for another season, please!); while Mob Doctor, which will still air all its 13 episode orders, is basically considered dead.

I'm now eager to see the mid-season offerings from the networks with shows like The Following and Hannibal airing soon. Maybe these shows will totally wow me then.

What about you? Which of these have you seen and how much are you liking it?