13 October 2012

If TV Shows Were Relationships, Mine Would Be...

College Humor has come up with this hilarious post called "If TV Shows Were Relationships" and I could relate to it oh so well.  In the archives of this blog, I think I've discussed about it in passing at one point.

I liked College Humor's take on Lost. That show really took a lot from me. By the time it ended, I was too exhausted to protest and question everything, I took what it gave. I'm not alone in this knowing several viewers of Lost were sore about the show, too. Lost made a sucker out of me. Wiser a few years after it ended, I now see that this show fucked me up big time. I can't easily appreciate complicated stories now. I practice caution, for fear of being sucked into it.

I feel the same way about The Office, but I'm watching its current and final season with renewed interest. I'm learning to love the show all over again. Since I am aware it's going to end this season, I should really be thankful I'm getting a well-deserved closure.

While I'm not geek-crazy about Firefly like many of its hardcore fans, I do get what this is about. It ended too soon, and rather tragically, yes.


We all have this certain emotional attachment to what we watch. If your life basically revolves around watching TV like mine is, the attachment goes deeper. I sometimes do regard these shows like they're "people".

I love a lot of TV, although not every show I watch is a potential "romantic relationship". But following what the original post says --- if TV shows were relationships, these would be the ones I've had serious history with...
  • FRIENDS would be my true love. No one can ever measure up to it. It's the one I would marry in 100 churches and re-marry in the after-life.
  • HAPPY ENDINGS would be the new relationship after FRIENDS' death, leaving me a young widow. It's a lot like my true love and it does make me happy. But it isn't FRIENDS.
  • BAND OF BROTHERS would be my May-December affair. I've learned so, so much from this relationship because this TV show "boyfriend" has so much experience and wisdom.
  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS would be my ideal marriage, if I ended up marrying it.
  • HOMELAND would be my abusive relationship. I mean, this show is so good, it's orgasmic. (Seriously!) But I am always so tensed around it, I know it would be the death of me. 
  • GREY'S ANATOMY would be the ex that left me very bitter.  My emotional scars for this run deep.
  • FELICITY would be the college relationship I'd remember with fondness. Although I still can't figure out why it didn't work, almost a decade after we've broken up. I can't even remember how we broke up.
  • SUITS right now, would be my Summer fling.
  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER would be the relationship I feel so trapped under. Eight long years and I should've quit it, especially after last year's events. For one reason or another, I'm still holding on. And unlike The Office, I can't find new ways to love this new season. 
  • BEVERLY HILLS 90210 would be the first TV relationship; the first love I would eventually grow apart from.
How about you? Which TV show are you so crazy about, it hits you like a love relationship?