07 October 2012

GO ON: The One Where Chandler Moves On

Matthew Perry's newest show is doing really well on NBC and it has already gotten a full season's order. Viewers and critics have been warmly receptive to it, going so far as to compare the show with Community, a show that's a favorite among critics.

I do see the similarities between Go On and Community. The cast work well together and the mix of characters is interesting.

In trying to stay away from the shadow of Friends ---  by doing a drama series (Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip) and by doing an off-beat comedy (Mr. Sunshine), where both shows didn't stick with viewers --- Matthew Perry has finally found the right vehicle.

What can I say? It does take time.

Chandler Bing has moved on.

And Matthew Perry is coasting on what looks like a good year for his new show.

I'm really loving the fact that while Go On is mainly a comedy series, some scenes leave me pondering, with a slight ache on my chest. The good kind, though. The kind that makes you go, "Awww..." with lines like this:
"Because I’m not the one who didn’t do what they were supposed to do here. We had a deal. We were going to be together until we were ninety. You’d be spry and into gardening and I’d have great old guy hair like Robert Wagner. And when it was time to cook you would do everything and I would stand next to you and say funny things about my day that would make you laugh."
Matthew Perry's character, Ryan King, is trying to go on with life, after the death of his wife --- who is not Monica, but is also a brunette like her.

And in order to do that, Ryan has to attend group therapy and be with this crazy bunch of people, who, like him, are trying to move on from a loss.

The moving on part, that's relatable to a lot of the viewers. The crazy group therapy part, now that's really funny!

Here they are suggesting vanity license plates for Ryan:

Have you been watching Go On? Liking it so far?

Go On is created by Scott Silveri who has worked on shows like Joey and Friends.

* Photos from Tumblr reblogs.