27 October 2011

Would You Like to Be on TV?

Just for the record, I have no association with this production and have no knowledge of what this show is about. I only came across this post on Craigslist Manila and immediately thought of The Kitchen Musical for some reason. But I also wondered what kind of Reality TV show would require "NO ACTING EXPERIENCE, SPECIAL TALENT, OR NUDITY"? A competition Reality Show like The Amazing Race, perhaps?

Anyway, you or someone you know would probably want to try out.  Again, I'd like to make it clear --- I know nothing about this ad, I just saw it online.

The full listing is here.

Reply to: realityshow.sg@gmail.com CASTING GUYS AND GIRLS FROM THE PHILIPPINES FOR NEW REALITY TV SHOW We are looking for interesting and outgoing people to be featured in an upcoming reality show, shooting in Singapore in the Summer of 2012. Travel to Singapore will be paid for by the production. Candidates must be: - Filipino/Filipina - 18-29 years old - Comfortable speaking ENGLISH - Open to living with other people on camera - Willing to travel to Singapore in the Summer of 2012 (all flights paid) NO ACTING EXPERIENCE, SPECIAL TALENT, OR NUDITY REQUIRED! If interested, please send us your contact info, a photo or link to your Facebook page, and a few sentences about yourself -- interests, occupation, hobbies, background, etc. so we can know more about you. We look forward to hearing from you! Location: Singapore - all flights paid Compensation: negotiable.