05 October 2011

10 Reasons People Say Is Why The Playboy Club Was Cancelled

After three episodes and a poor ratings performance, NBC has decided to pull The Playboy Club off the air. Going around fan communities, I gathered some of the reasons why this show never quite made it past November sweeps, at least.

10 Reasons People Say Is Why The Playboy Club Was Cancelled:

1. Because no one took their clothes off all the way. I said this haha!

2. Because this should just have been The Laura Benanti Show. Some dude would rather watch her sing over and over. Was that really her singing?

3. Because people think this is Eddie Cibrian's karma. I don't like the guy too but MOVE ON, Folks!

4. Because it's actually just a glorified crime series. They should have brought the CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York teams over. Word.

5. Because it's marred by bad writing. I didn't think it was that bad. But then again, I'm the one who keeps watching shows like Pretty Little Liars, so...What? Pretty Little Liars is a fun show!! :P

6. Because Nick Dalton is a Don Draper clone and can never really measure. Yeah. That. He even sounds like him. Try rewatching and close your eyes.

7. Because the Parents TV Council said so.
8. Because 7 major advertisers pulled out when the Parents TV Council said so.
So says the Parents TV Council.

9. Because it was projected to fail. True dat. The show was not yet on air and it was already being panned.

10. Because its sexy blonde bombshell of a bunny, Amber Heard, is really a lesbian.

Amber Heard with girlfriend