08 October 2011

The Kitchen Musical Heads To American Television

Did you know that The Kitchen Musical is coming to the USA? And that Ben Silverman's production company has bought its rights?

What is The Kitchen Musical, you ask?

It is this Pan-Asian TV show created and written by CheeK, the creative head of The Group Entertainment.

Described as Glee meets Hell's Kitchen, the show features performers coming from all over the Asian region, a few of them are actually Filipinos.

The show premiered on Philippine TV tonight and it will also be showing in 18 other Asian countries. 

I had the pleasure of watching it and except for the theatrical delivery, I was really entertained. This was an unexpected surprise!

Musical arrangment is done by Gerald Salonga, brother of Tony Award winning performer Lea Salonga, and the song choices are impressive and familiar. But some of it are done and delivered differently, they sounded pretty good!

Catch the first episode on cable AXN on 15 October 2011 and its succeeding airings every Saturdays at 8.00 pm. And you can join the Facebook page or follow the show on Twitter.

So then...who is Ben Silverman? And why does it matter if his company buys the show, you ask again?

Ben Silverman is THE guy who brought The Office to USA. His company has won numerous Emmys. He is THE guy who headed NBC between 2007-2009. Those were controversial years for NBC. But for all his misses in leading the formerly dominant network on US Television, he was also responsible for keeping Friday Night Lights (only one of the best shows on TV!) on air for five seasons.

Suffice to say, the track record speaks for itself. And if he and his company has taken interest in this Asian show, then that says a lot for the The Kitchen Musical's quality.

But I'm not sure if they are going to retain The Kitchen Musical as is, or completely redo and adapt this for US Television. I hope not, coz Gerard's musical arrangement's really good! But the prospect of this coming to the US sounds really exciting! It's high time something from this region gets to shine over there, in the field of television.

Read the press release here: Ben Silverman's Electus to Bring Asian Series 'The Kitchen Musical' to U.S.

And then watch Maddie (played by Filipina singer-actress Karylle) sing Unwell: